Potato and Onion Storage Bin

For information on getting the plan for this project,
please see the bottom of this page!

Keeping potatoes and onions readily at hand in the kitchen can sometimes be unsightly, mainly because of those ugly potato and onion bags. With this attractive cabinet, your potatoes and onions are always at the ready, but you don't have to look at the packaging.

There are quite a few patterns available for potato bins, but this one is perhaps one of the more attractive. It comes from Meisel Hardware Specialties who are listed on our links page if you want to get the pattern. The hardware and easily transferrable artwork for the name, come from Meisel as well.

A 10 lb. bag of potatoes fits perfectly into the top compartment which has it's own hinged door. A large bag of onions fits nicely into the bottom compartment, by way of the other front hinged door. The assembly is glued together, and the inside back edges of the sides are rabbetted to accept the 1/4" pegboard back.

For information on getting the plan for this project,
please see the bottom of this page!

The hardware comes from Meisel as well. The hinges used on the bottom door are special hinges I haven't seen any where else, but they're not expensive at all. The hinges all come with a hammered texture and painted black. Although you can't tell from the photo, I repainted them with a sprayed brass finish to match our decor. The plan suggests that 3/4" pine be used but you could used any 3/4" wood you prefer. 3/8" plywood is required for the interior shelf, which is mounted by means of dadoing into the sides, and a piece of 1/4" pegboard for the back is glued into the rabbetted sides mentioned above. Then with finish sanding and a finish of your choice, your potato/onion bin is ready to provide years of service. I used a waterbased satin finish topcoat because of the lack of toxicity.

The finished unit is 24 3/4"T X 11"W X 11 1/4"D and will be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

The Plan
The plan is #W126 Potato/Onion Bin and is available at Meisel Specialties. Here's a link to the plan:

Potato/Onion Bin Plan

You should probably order their hardware package #1520 for this project consisting of 2 ea. colonial H offset hinges, 2 each T hinges, hinge screws, 2 ceramic knobs and one magnetic catch. Some of these are unique to this project, so it's a good idea! And the decal #1151 makes a nice finishing touch. The good news... all are quite affordable!

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