Projects of Gary R. Schreffler

Gary R. Schreffler of Birmingham, Iowa, USA has sent in these great looking projects and he decribes them below.




"This is a solid Oak Haberdasher, raised paneled on the sides and middle door. My wife Kim did the stained and beveled glass in the two outside doors. This piece is 65" tall, 54" wide and 18" deep."






"This is a Cherry Jelly Cupboard, I used cherry veneered panels in the sides and the doors. This piece measures 59" tall, 43 3/4" wide and 19" deep."








"This is a Walnut Stepback, My wife Kim used her stained glass talents in the doors with the rose's in each corner. This cabinet measures 91 1/2" tall, 42" wide, and 19 1/2" deep."







"This is a small chest that I made for my wife for her sewing materials, but it would make a nice little sideboard for an apartment. Notice the inlaid granite in the top. I do ceramic tile, granite and marble inlays in quite a few of my piece's. This piece measures 36" tall, 38 1/2" wide and 19" deep."







"This is  a Oak Wardrobe, made for today, large enough to accomodate todays hangers. It measures 76" tall, 43" wide, and 24" deep."





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